Saturday, June 28, 2008

Warm and Fuzzy

I love this person's cute idea- Toy Society! And so much friendlier than sticking coins to the footpath for kicks!

Reminds me of a fantastic installation someone did back at uni; they decked out the interior of a public toilet cubicle with carpet, seat cover, dolly toilet paper holder, heater!, framed pictures and a hanging pendant light and a shelf with books. It was a revelation to walk from the cold grotty grey normal public bathroom into this space!

Another time there was an anonymous artist in Adelaide cozying up bustops with cushions and a good book to read. Cruuuuute.

Speaking of community, 'Samuel's Heart Benefit' has been organised by SCALA to raise money for baby Samuel's heart surgery. Samuel was born two weeks ago with Down's Syndrome and his family could really do with some support. Saturday 5th July, Joiner's Arms; 9 Manton Street, Hindmarsh, SA from 7:30pm


  1. Oh I wish I had one of those public toilets near me!! Or a cozy-ed up bus stop!

    Thanks for linking! (and visiting!)

  2. that toilet would be a dream!
    We have a out house and it's getting so cold!!
    Happy blogging!!
    keep it up!