Saturday, July 19, 2008

Looking closer Part 1

I was thrilled when I discovered the macro- lens on my camera which makes for much less misty looking closeups.

In life some people see 'the forest' or 'the trees' but after some thought I realise I see the texture of bark on those trees, the insects under the bark and the insects wing details on the insect on the bark on the tree in the forest!

Here are the first in a series of closer photos of the Modern Australian Textiles exhibition showing for one more week at Nest Studio. Just shows it is worth taking a closer look sometimes else you might miss something.......

In order from the top textile prints by Nicola Cerini, Publisher Textiles and Umbrella Prints.


  1. Did it work? can I finally say ahoy there matey... beautifully stated by the way... I L O V E macro shots!!

  2. YAH! it did work
    H E L L O O H there..
    Stephan looks super cute in that photo!Nice husband you got there.

  3. wow, that is beautiful1!
    i can't wait to get a super good camera!!
    i'm gonna be macro-ing all over the place!!
    x x x x xx