Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Breathing Underwater

I love drawing its my meditation. I was really lucky to grow up around artists who were uninhibited, unafraid and unselfconscious. Their drawings flowed from their arms directly onto paper and it is/was the most beautiful thing to watch. We werent allowed to use rulers or rubbers- in other words no editing! Which was great because it meant we learnt to adapt 'errors' which would usually end up as the best feature in the work.

All of my designs for printed textiles or prints come from my drawings. Although I think computers are amazing tools and I am crap (but learning) to use one, I cant see myself ever using a computer to design a repeat from start to finish. I need my pen to feel in control; I feel all a bit out of control on a computer, like its going to just eat up my pixels at any moment (which is what happened just then when it ate my first version of this post grrrrr) and like its not really me making the marks- something about connectedness -hey is that a real word. Im no ludite or anything I just loike mee pencils.

Here is one of the many drawings that hasnt ended up as a design for textiles....yet/ever?
G is asleep..... it is peaceful.........breathe ooooouuuuutttttt.


  1. Your illustration has beautiful movement. I love floating with my eyes closed too. I do it each summer at the local pool, transported for a small while to another place.

  2. This is a beautiful piece of work, and writing. Thanks Amy, you're an inspiration.