Thursday, August 14, 2008

One Big Beautiful Printing Table

In my garage there is everything you could ever want to print your own fabric- there is a long, specially padded table with specially welded to the right height legs and a pole with G-clamps I designed especially for measuring to the mm repeats. This table cost a lot of money and a huge amount of hassle to build and set up. There is just one problem, I dont ever feel like going in there to use it.

In my attempts to not be alone in the garage printing I have used the floor inside, the pavement outside and the kitchen table and more recently Carly's art table at Queen Street. I reckon its akin to my avoidance of the 'white page'. Its way easier to approach a piece of paper that has a blob on it or is kind of ripped at one corner or even better comes from a supermarket pad with lines on it that has been kicking around the house for years; than approach a pure, pristine, expensive piece of the best quality white paper thats sits expectantly waiting for your jittery lines.

I guess its is eventually a process of doing what works for you. Which means Im selling my beautiful table so that it can be used by someone else as it was intended and as it should be. Feel free to contact me if you are or know this person!

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