Sunday, August 17, 2008

Perfect Circles for Umbrella Prints

I really enjoy the process of screen printing when you can just play and see what happens- there is no pressure and you getting back to the cloth, you and the ink. As well as having a small line of fabrics printed professionally for meterage, Carly and I muck around in the studio and print small runs for fun and we call these fabrics Test Patterns (which we will be including on the Umbrella Prints website at some stage).

Recently we printed Sunshine and Snow; with Carly doing the underlying Sunshine imagery and me testing out my Snow Circles over the top. When separated the prints look totally different from very bold and contrasting to light & ethereal.

The Perfect Circle design comes from a five metre long papercut called Circle Storm I cut for the exhibition Paper Cuts a few months ago. I wanted to call them 'perfect ' because it's your eye that makes them perfect by seeing circles where there is no actual circle line-just ink to an imaginary edge.

So here is a glimpse of the first fabric in a range of Perfect Circles for Umbrella Prints :-)


  1. I really love these perfect circles. They are beautiful to look at and remind me of many things including, snow flakes, hydrngeas and those father christmas things you blow and make a wish with. Wow, and they began as paper cuts. Really beautiful!

  2. Thanks Julie! Hydrangeas was another name I was thinking for this print!

  3. That's the great thing, it can go by any name but can also be ascribed any name by those who view it.
    P.S. had one of those mornings this morning.

  4. Just discovered your site and love your fabrics. Also are you still selling the table?? I'm in Sydney but might be interested...

  5. these are beautiful!
    They remind me an birds eye view of a hydrangea bush too!!

  6. Right thats it- Julie and Boobook Ive just changed the name of this print to Perfect Circles- Hydrangeas just because I can (!) and it feels right xox

  7. Hi You can contact me at jadeyjellybean[at]hotmail(dot)com