Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Travelling East

Half of this window display went to an exhibition of Umbrella Prints at Uncle Albert's in Norwood this week. A few proud sausage dogs (our Tandem project with Brooke) are joining in on the fun too! I went this morning and was really pleased in how it all looked after all the new renovations. So for the moment this Elephant gone walkabout.


  1. Nice one! Not sure what Uncle Alberts is but will keep my eye out for it:)

  2. Uncle Albert's is a cafe that holds exhibitions every month. Its not the Tate (!) but its a upbeat central busy spot that looks great with some colour on the walls. They do a good breaky too! :-)

  3. Wow, that window looks amazing! If only Adelaide weren't so far away :<

  4. oh hello sausage dogs...
    Wish I could swing by and check out your lovely work!
    Hope your well

  5. I am near the Parade for school run and certainly going to check it out - love a new discovery - and very fond on poached eggs too:)