Thursday, October 16, 2008

Journey Back to 2004-

This week the very supportive Pip from Meet Me At Mike's has been featuring a number of wonderful interviews with Australian textile designers. My interview popped up today (I thought everyone was sending in mug shots!). With Ruth Tuck's funeral yesterday and a number of other interviews requiring reflection and self analysis I've had to look back and think about where I've come from.
This might help you/me connect some of the dots.....

My hand screenprinted fabrics, cushions, bags, handbags, cards and dresses- Queen Street, Croydon, 2004

G in the shops window on my huge cushions, 2005

hand screenprinted lampshades. 2006

hand screenprinted and block printed fabric and products, Amy Prior

my studio which is now with Carly at Nest Studio

now, 2008, Umbrella Prints with bella Carly


  1. I totally remember how dazzled I was with those designs... love at first sight... REPRINT!!!!!

  2. How beautiful! Gorgeous work. I really love your cushions and your use of colour. I'm with Carly - Reprint!!!

  3. Will have to check out Mike's...all your stuff looks so great. Reprint? Yes yes!