Friday, October 3, 2008

New Window

The sun is coming out more these days a good time for a new window display for Nest Studio my favourite thing to do.
Wrapping paper and Umbrella Prints Patchwork fabric #1 in pink moon.
Hope you are having a nice day too.


  1. Love the pink - a lovely window, perfect for spring.

  2. Here I am getting comments from UmbrellaBella, and being all slack in returning them, and finally I pop over here and see that it's you!

    I live just around the corner from Queen St, and I proudly sport one of your teapot brooches on my cardi......

    Here's to meeting the locals!

    Thanks for your visits and comments - I'll try and pop into the shop one day soon....

    Leah xx

  3. Helloo Friday is good please do!