Monday, December 1, 2008

This week Umbrella Prints

Carly and I worked on doing a room switchski at Nest Studio- back to front for a change. Umbrella Prints sold out of sumi black Elephants and kimono red Elephants fabric which was a SHOCK as we hadnt been counting and suddenly we hit cardboard. In fact its all looking a bit bare at the moment so itching for the new colours to arrive very soon I hope.

Tandem #3 is underway and beautiful. I will tell you more about it as it unfolds...

Louise did a gorgeous job of teaming black and blues at Mid Century Modern. I am always amazed by how different people interpret our fabric.


  1. i love that feeling when you sell out of something, so satisfying!!!
    x x xx

  2. Had a peak into the Nest on Saturday evening and what I saw made me smile. Just so bright and beautiful x.

  3. The shuffle looks so great, as do your papercuts. Hope the opening was fun!