Friday, January 23, 2009

Parade of Silver Elephants

One of the collective nouns used to describe a group of Elephants is 'a parade of elephants'- I just learnt that.
Carly and I (Umbrella Prints) have just put Mumma and Baby Elephant charms up on Etsy for international people who are interested (ie Etsy sells in US dollars).

This is part of our Tandem #3; a collaboration with amazing Sydney silversmith Ceeb Wassermann. Big Thankyou to those people in Australia who already bought one (or a Mumma and matching Baby) last week they are well on the way to you.

Together with Ceeb we took one of Carly's Elephants from her Elephant fabric (for Umbrella Prints) and turned it to silver and then it had a baby. As cute as hell I reckon and kind of sweet and stylish at the same time. They look good on boys too.

And Elephants are beautiful creatures.

Can anyone suggest a collective noun for Fan Flowers they will be up on Etsy next week ???
The best I could come up with is 'a flock of Fan Flowers' .............'a swish'.........'a float.......?


  1. Come on !
    A fantasm, or a fantasmagorical of fan flowers...
    Did you know that the collective for actors is - a winge of actors? what can I say?

  2. Fantasm sounds like a word for a fake orgasm sis though I like the mystical sound of it!!!
    Bouquet and posy are good in light of where the image of the Fan Flower came from (which I'll be writing about next week).
    More more! Thanks for your thoughts xoxoxo
    PS I wonder what the collective noun for a group for artists is- a waft of artists?

  3. a flutter...a freshness...a folly... a flush...????

  4. A flutter is fabulous like eyelashes cute and playful. Flush too I like but it has the loo association. I love this thankyou keepem coming!

  5. A flourish, a spell? I like a flutter too. Ah, so much good fun in the naming :)

  6. awww thanks ladies you have all contributed to my understanding of how people might perceive a fanflower. It is an exotic imaginary flower blown on a breeze. There is a wonderful sense of movement in all your suggestions.
    Interestingly re meet me at mikes suggestions I found out a bunch of turkeys in flight is called a bouquet of turkeys thats so cool xxx

  7. I like a flourish too.

    or a sprig. a wing. a heart. if you put two fanflowers together does it make a heart?

  8. Im liking flourish too because its like flutter but a bit more substantial! and flourish sounds like cherish another word I like x