Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tandem #3 Umbrella Prints X Ceeb Wassermann

Mumma Elephant charm (there is a baby one too)

Fan Flower charm

Over the past couple of months we have been working with the lovely and amazing Sydney silversmith Ceeb Wassermann to bring our Elephants and Fan Flowers to life in sterling silver.
Ceeb's beautiful jewelery is delicate yet bold and so patiently hand cut (sawpierced actually) from fine sterling silver my mind boggles.

We share a similar passion for natural shapes and strong forms as well as a love of Japanese design. Carly and I (Umbrella Prints) really believed no one else could collaborate with us better in producing these beautiful charms from the elements within our fabrics.

The sterling silver charms are in 3 designs (Baby Elephant, Mumma Elephant and FanFlower) come with quality sterling silver necklaces and will be available to order on Etsy this week :-)

They may also be ordered in Australian dollars now by emailing me ; so let me know if you must have one or one of each!

A massive ongoing thankyou to Ceeb and to Ellie for posing unannounced for these pics


  1. wow!!
    i love seeing your designs made into charms!! they are absolutely gorgeous!! <3

  2. I love how they seem delicate but that they have a strength about them. Want one right now.

  3. It is lovely to see these designs in so many forms.