Saturday, February 28, 2009


Some designs just happen fast..... others you sit on like a hen on a egg.

When we began Umbrella Prints together Carly and I decided we wanted to go marathon rather than sprint with our designs, not for want of ideas, but for the enjoyment of really looking into just a few designs and finding the potential and the inspiration within them. We still feel we have barely scratched the surface of exploring our Elephants and the Fan Flower designs.

However, we are about to release two newbies (for meterage) and are pretty excited about what we can do with these designs. When I say newbies well that's not quite true. My new design first appeared in a small run of fabrics with Carly last year titled 'Sunshine and Snow'

and then in my exhibition Paper Cuts.

In that time the design hasn't changed much, but it has.... shall we say... grown a little bit.

Anyway here we go (just a snip of it), more soon when I have time

Perfect Circle (Hydrangea) in flamingo
by Amy Prior (me) for Umbrella Prints


  1. oliver has heaps of respect for what you do! the hardwork// hand madeness of it all
    i do too

  2. Love it - can't wait to see more!

  3. aarrh the silly internet/digital photos gives it no justice I tell you! I am going to try and photograph it today on Lily's camera and see if we can get that colour glowing...

  4. Thanks everyone! Thanks Carly, yeah its not quite getting it plus I had like ten seconds of camera battery left so didnt get a picture of it in the window

  5. Once again, perfect. I really love your work

  6. Beautiful design - it looks amazing all printed up!!

  7. I went to Meet me at Mikes yesterday - they love you!!!