Thursday, March 12, 2009


image from wlarmadillo

Ive had a big day a wonderful day! A bit of work mixed with a lot of play.
Im too fagged to talk much about it except to say there is a small truck load of new Umbrella Prints fabric and product down at Little Bird @ Elliot (North Tce, Port Elliot, Sth. Australia). Kate's shop is a pleasure and so are the pasties from the bakery down the road.

Tomorrow has been especially penned into my diary and reads DESIGN. The most important part of my work with Carly should be about designing but seems to be taken up with phone calls and driving and sending and answering and selling and packing. I am not complaining but now that time for designing actually has to be allocated I feel sentimental for the old times when I carried around a sketchbook full of doodles and drew non-chalantly on the bus in between catnaps.

Speaking of design isnt this armadillo just a perfect design!

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