Friday, July 24, 2009

made UP

cutest baby shoes by Mia Joie

One of the best parts of my work is seeing people work with, wear, live with and love our fabrics.

Entries for the Umbrella Prints 'trimmings giveaway' are just coming in which is exciting (you can email pictures straight to me if you like). Keep them coming we are bold over by some of your creative entries ;-)

This post includes just a few beautiful items made with our fabric recently...

I-Pod warmer by Maja of Polli

Gillian's slim-line Nimbus (Umbrella Prints cloud-lion kit)

and of course I have a feeling a lot of our fabric gets stashed- send us a pic! x


  1. Yes I thought he was a bit skinny! Was I supposed to add the seam allowance? Anyway, we love him just as he is :)
    Wow, those shoes are incredible. How clever.

  2. What gorgeous shoes!
    Actually all delightful. I just love your colours.
    (p.s. yes, they are dugongs, at Sydney Aquarium :-)

  3. Those shoes are the sweetest thing.

  4. Hello there just wondering - do you have already made up Nimbus' and Flip Dolls for the unsavvy non-sewers?

  5. Susan, Hi yes we do please email me
    :-)thanks Gillian and flowerpress x

  6. These are sweet, sweet, sweet! Love that blue and white fabric covered chair in the next post. Looking forward to seeing your exhibition and new space x