Friday, October 30, 2009

clear amber by Umbrella Prints

To appease the frustrated jeweller and product designer lurking (within both Carly and I) we like to think of new ways of presenting our fabrics.
Here are the newest, shiniest photos of work we have been playing with for a while now. That is they are nearly to almost finished- we just need five whole minutes of uninterrupted time together to tweak the labels and we will be sweet.
'Clear amber' is what we have called our little range of fabric encased resin pendants and brooches. We best like how each piece feels velvety smooth and warm-hence me obsessively carry one around in my pocket today and constantly rubbing it for luck or just for thrills he he
Anyway- a first look...hope you like


  1. mmmm...pretty! want to see how they feel...

  2. Hey Amy how did you get that gorgeous fish - don't know how to describe it - the animation on the side of your site...

  3. Hi humna bean! press the letters on te animation it will take you where it comes from and you can embedd it on yours! xxx