Friday, December 11, 2009

Studio Friday

More shop than studio action today :-) It has been busier than ever recently which is good news. We are also enjoying watching a new park being built across the road which will take the view from old-crusty-car-yard to beautiful huge park and public area. We couldn't have dreamed it up better- it's a full window of green to enjoy.
Tommorow Carly and I are teaching the children to screenprint which will be messy, funny, fun and good juggling practice. Checkya


  1. I can't wait to visit your shop - hopefully early next year - it looks lovely, and yay for green parks!

  2. I love your little strip and richards park. Great to hear there will be some more green across the way for you.

  3. I find this post very inspirational. I have just opened a little studio/shop and would love to have half the vibe presented by yours.

  4. Nice to meet you too! And thank you for your kind words!

    I've seen your products at Nest and hence the blog on 30 Nov (same pillow as you have posted here.) I try to promote Adelaide wherever I can because I think it's a great place to be!

    Are you going to have a stall at the next Bowerbird Bazaar? I was invited to the first opening night and it was brilliant - I can't remember whether you had a stall there?