Sunday, January 31, 2010

a lot of Love

Handmade Walnut Side Table by blackelm, Block Printed Fabric Storage Bags by jezzeprints, Mid-Century Chairs from wrightathomevintage and Hand-Printed Fabric by Carly Schwerdt of umbrellaprints

Ellie Snow from Mint wrote to Umbrella Prints to let us know she had chosen some products to feature as a guest curator with Etsy. The theme is Mid-Century Boho and includes our Hearts fabric in silky oak amongst some of my favourite designers. It is true that Ellie really does have quite 'the eye'-her blog is beautiful.

Carly and I had thought our Hearts fabric was the 'slow burner' of our range but not true! It has popped up in a few groovy places recently including in gorgeous clutch form with Chi Designs.

Which reminds me its Valentine's Day soon....any ideas? my husband couldn't give a rats about fabric unless its in the form of a tent or a T-shirt (Carly! Umbrella Prints tents!!???)


  1. umbrella prints tents would be amazing!! avant garde!! <3

  2. yes and we wouldn't even be able to afford to buy one... bum, maybe we could make one from trimmings... that might be a bit leaky..

  3. This heart fabrci is my best seller in the rattles - by far!! I love it!