Monday, January 11, 2010

new fabric- bokeh?

Thankyou to everyone who commented regarding Umbrella Print's new dotty fabric 'lights'. Amongst the comments below were that the new printed threads look like little white roses or confetti which is lovely!

As someone obsessed with lights, sparkles, blurs of movement and shapes in light; I was thinking this print would conjure a 'bokeh' effect (bokeh being the blurred out of focus dots of light that make photos look ethereal and whimsy-like). I always love how differently people perceive our patterns.

bokeh image by Rouge Cerise

bokeh image by Krawat

bokeh image by riot jane


  1. oh indeed - what a lovely post.

  2. A lovely print! The possible colourways are endless ~ I especially like the soft gelato colours image.

  3. bokeh! i had no idea it was called that.
    maybe its genetic amy!! i love it too <3
    also, how cute is that name we made up for G's hat, 'kid lid'? so cute <3

  4. Beautiful new fabric print - it captures the ethereal quality of blurry, sparkling lights wonderfully.
    And a lovely selection of 'bokeh' images too!

  5. These are just so beautiful x. I walked down Chesser lane/street in the city today. Over the top of the lane there is a canopy of vines and they also made little round lights on the ground. I loved the way they danced on my shoes as I walked. I love the fabric Amy, just beautiful!