Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Earth Day winner

Thank you all for your considered, descriptive, lovely
comments phew nearly 600 and a few emails arrived

winner Stacey Hill said...Sunshine on fabric. Love them!

plus a few goodies for
ann said..your fabric makes me HAVE to sew....not WANT to sew....HAVE TO!!
Krys said...Undiscovered! That is the best word for me, totally can not believe that you have remained undiscovered to me for so long {until now}. What a natural, playful, friendly range of fabrics that you offer.
KLT said...Umbrella Fabrics are timeless, tactile, & lush. There seems to be a nod to the modern Eames era, but embrace the future as well.
carrie said...gorgeous, authentic, and thoughtful
Charlotte said...I think Umbrella prints are gorgeous fabrics with an organic sensibility (in a design sense as well as ecological). I bought the kit to make the flip dolls some time ago and I saved every little precious scrap (which I later used to make my daughter potholders for her play kitchen).

Meri said...They are fabrics that inspire creativity. I find them alive with color, energy and song.

AND because we enjoyed ourselves so much... everyone making a purchase from Umbrella Prints who mentions they left a comment for this giveaway will get some bonus treats in with their order :-)

thank you so much to Jan DiCintio of Daisy Janie for organizing such a fun, jumpy, world-wide, earth friendly event.

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  1. ... your choice for winner is really great! I bet she was delighted, I would have been...... I would have been wrapped ( in Umbrella Prints of course)! Keep up the beautiful work.