Sunday, May 9, 2010

new trimmings pics

Its about time we (Umbrella Prints) updated our trimmings photographs! As time rolls Carly and I make new colours and leave some behind. One would be lucky to get a piece of pink moon anything in a pack; as much as we love the colour we havent been in the mood for a reprint of this lovely but very pink colour. I always thought of pink moon as like a cactus flower; there, beautiful, then gone, ephemeral.

But just as you let something go....a huge photograph of pink moon Umbrella Print's fabric cushions gets published in America's Better Homes and Garden DIY magazine (some 6 million readers) and customers start writing because we don't have any left :-) never mind the kimono red, momo peach, seaglass, lilac wine and olive elephants we did have NO it has to be pink! So Carly...we need to chat.


  1. (print the pink ups again!!! The universe is trying to tell you something)

  2. What are those cheeky little blue houses sitting
    in the first bundle? I don't remember seeing that print before ..... am I right?

  3. Yay, UP taking over the world :) And there's some fabric in there that I don't think I've seen before and love, so I'm going to have to do some shopping at your online store when I get home! PS. I bought some more clogs today, uh-oh!

  4. Well don't stand around chatting, get onto it! Hey, what are those blue houses I see in there?

  5. Always the way! Good excuse to reprint pink!

    And now to push all those other luscious colours on to new and unsuspecting magazines...*evil cackle*