Sunday, June 13, 2010

this week

Umbrella Print's has had a fab week!
In note form because I'm too cold to type :-)

Kirsten from klt:sketchbook wrote a really lovely post with gorgeous photographs which made us so happy.

State of Green posted an article about Umbrella Prints we really appreciate.
Correct me if I'm wrong Carly but we are about to celebrate three years of printing on organic fabrics; we hope access to organic base cloth becomes easier in the coming years for everyone.

Cutting, snipping, ironing; Umbrella Print's Patchwork Fabric (pictured above in smoky black) was designed in 2008 hasn't been available online in its original form... next week it will be up online in a number of colours.
For those of you who love the look of patchwork (but not the sewing) this fabric features twelve patterns Crosshatch, Love List, Daisies, Moopy, Fergus, Diamond Argyle, Clouds, Dandelion Wishes and of course our 4 design perennials Bird in Paradise, FanFlowers, Elephants and Hearts.

Lots of fun tweaking colours being screen printed right now; we are really retentive about this we know!

Carly and I came to mental fisty-cuffs about what colour aqua actually is. I'm probably wrong but I'm also really stubborn and wrong.

We realised ylang-ylang and patchouli oil makes customers strangely amorous! Use as needed.

That's it in brief form- I'm breathing out frosty air and my fingers feel like they are going to snap of from the cold gotta go get cosy.

PS Felt like trying on a new blog template might hate it tomorrow :-)


  1. i love your fabrics and want them ALL! hopefully will be able to afford them for my shop soon. yay.

  2. oh cold indeed about 2 degrees right now! Great fabrics and well done on the amorous research - can't imagine the story behind that one!

  3. Oh that smoky black is lovely. And I too can't wait until organic fabrics (especially linen) is more easily available. That will then bring the prices down I hope (I need to feed my organic bamboo velour addiction you see.)

  4. Congrats on a very successful week, and I love the new blog layout!

  5. I like the new layout...wish I had time to improve mine! Looking forward to our stampede of elephants this week.

  6. Oh my Amy, how beautiful!, hadn't been by for a week and a bit - love your flying birds.

    Gorgeous black and whites.

    have a lovely week x.