Friday, August 6, 2010

Last night's Umbrella Prints exhibition

SALA exhibition Eclipse by Umbrella Prints opened last night.  Nest Studio was full to overflowing with visitors (thank you everyone) I didnt get the chance to take any photographs though Carly managed a few. We drank The Fugue care of Nepenthe and the kids made popcorn.

These are new works by Umbrella Prints they are layered in many colours and hand printed by us in the studio. The circles and the sequences are important to me and seemed to resonate with many friends and visitors last night (we have now sold half of the work in our show).  Thank you for the feedback, laughs and ....compliments :-)


  1. oh I so intended to come but in my sleep deprived, filthy haired state I just couldn't bring myslef to 'scrub up' I wish I did now! glad it went well - you will have to have another show to get me out of the hosue!

  2. Thats ok Umatji I know the feeling. One day we will meet ha ha!

  3. Hi Amy, the prints look very "delicious" on the photograph !
    And indeed what i wrote before a bit 3-dimensional.

    Congratulations that everything went so well !!


  4. they look gorgeous... sorry i didn't make it to the opening. you know SALA - we had 3 on the one night! hope to pop in soon.

  5. I'm glad I went. the artworks are so bright and clever and different. .... and eminently hangable-on-your-wallable!
    The childrens' art-works are lively and very colourful, and the composite mobile is divine.
    Thanks to you and Carly for presenting such an apt SALA event.

  6. Totally love those three as a triptych.
    Or singularly too.

  7. Hi amy,

    The prints look absolutely amazing. I wish we lived a little closer, I would have loved to see them. We really looking forward to catching up with you again and hoping to see some of your new things.

  8. very very nice!!!!congrats on such great artistry amy!