Wednesday, September 22, 2010

going grey

Ecru, hog's bristle, grand piano, kosciosko pebble, linseed, white pointer, half strength, double strength, limewash...freakin buff it! my walls are looking like a patchwork. Amazing how much a colour changes in different rooms; most greys are lilting purple or green in my house.  

Beautiful grey.....Carly and I use it a lot in the mixing of Umbrella Prints textile colours to soften a colour whilst somehow enlivening it.  I really love industrial scrappy greys and the colour of concrete when it looks almost velvety.  I love the mica sparkles in dark grey 50's pavements (don't see them around much anymore). 

Such a versatile and useful colour and a bit elusive like smoke.

My walls.
Beautiful grey dresses by Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 images via style 

My Mum's hat- I'm thinking I'll go get a custom paint colour based on this silk.


  1. Grey is a colour that has suddenly appeared in our colour pallet, considering using a shade of it to paint our new weatherboard. Funny you mention the pavement, just re-used chunks of it as stepping stones in our garden. We have a 50s house so the paving around was made from this concrete and I like to re-use where I can. Thanks for visiting my blog. G

  2. hogs bristle and linseed are 2 colours i have in my house and love. Go with your instinct I say!

  3. Hehe, our walls have looked like that for almost a year now! Long story, roof leaked and then found termite damage so haven't got around to dong that room yet. I like the colour Cusp by Aalto colour (you can get it done in a dulux or wattyl base).

  4. groovy guys- love your suggestions! more! more! I am liking linseed in my bedroom and ecru for part of my living room; it's the only grey not swaying purple that I have tried.
    Linseed is quite elegant and not too earthy; ecru is kind of sombre but pretty with the rest of my things. In the end its all about the type of light and what is reflecting onto the paint. I have never struggled with colour like this before..not even with any of our print colours and that's saying something!