Tuesday, October 12, 2010

are you in Sydney next Tuesday?

Thought I would let you know about an exhibition we are participating in called "Celebrating Motherhood", organised by Amelia McFarlane, coming up in Sydney next week Tuesday.

Artists include: Marnie Wark, Kirsty Shadiac, Megan Morton, Rebecca Cool (event photo), James Gordon, Lisa Cooper, Tory Bauer, Minnie Taylor, Sam Barrett, Jodie Fried, Greig Fraser, Imogen Wiseman, Amikka May, Kara Loan, Sophie DuBois, Lauren Horton, Amanda McLaughlin, Janet McLearie, Krew Boylan, Umbrella Prints, Rebecca Trevitt, & Rachel Castle, Amelia McFarlane.

Umbrella Prints has donated 2 major hand printed works for this show and though we can't be there we hope the exhibition raises lots of money for Breast Cancer Research and Amelia's mother, Judi McFarlane's treatment.

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