Thursday, March 17, 2011

think it build it

Ok we have minus two seconds to design, develop and execute an Umbrella Prints swatch book fit for a queen. 
We have to use what we have...cardboard?...fabric glued over cardboard?....cripes no!....
"What type of wood is it?"... an old man hobbles over gives it a good smell..."western red cedar". Sorted.
Good enough to build totem poles and canoes with and perfect for us today :)

(if you are interested in seeing other people's creative spaces this week head over to Kootoyoo


  1. Gorgeous! I can't believe I haven't thought of wood. I've been using the same sort of thing, but with cardboard and those butterfly pins - with mixed success and they don't last! Yours look divine - nice one!

  2. Hi Amy - thanks for the comment - my el-cheapo rotary cutter was a bit hard to use at first (it wasn't rotaring!) until I loosened the screw at the side just a bit - now it works a dream and I would never go back to scissors! Nic

  3. Wow, these look beautiful! I was a screenprinter for years and used to love printing onto wood, bookcloth, glass and other such things. I will have to get back into that soon....
    Thanks for the inspiration