Friday, March 25, 2011

Trimmings Competition...strategy

Umbrella Prints has been noticing entrants popping up for our Trimmings Competition over here! so much fun keepem coming!

The number of entrants so far does not correlate to the number of packets we have been sending out by far so...I have a feeling there are a lot of you keeping things very close to you chest ha ha and your not going to reveal until the last minute!  There could be some clever strategy plays going on. 

However, posting a picture of what you have made from your Trimmings packet now could work in your favour as far as there will be more time for more people to look at what you have made; which could be good if your work is a slow burner and you want your work to 'grow' on other people in order that you get their vote.

Or maybe I just can't handle the suspense :)


  1. I'm waiting to put mine up to coincide with my blog posts about the competition...