Sunday, March 13, 2011

trying not to sneeze

A lady came into Nest Studio and bought this beautiful Aboriginal artwork. 
she totally coordinated with this painting in her brown, rust, olive and dark apricot outfit and exclaimed "these are my favourite colours!!!" love it
Umbrella Prints still aiming for the perfect Bosc Pear colour for our Grand Hearts fabric.  So happy when I spotted these at the supermarket they are in season I'll take that as a good sign.
My chair also sold this week this is me rushing to get a proper photo of it before it leaves the shop. Mental note is to take proper photos OF EVERYTHING...
I could live inside William Morris's patterns I love them so.

Cat let me take a proper photo of her at last. What a cutey she is my little feng shui buster roaming around bringing energy into every corner of our house. And she smells nice, powdery.
Phew WHAT A WEEK; next week Im going to post up some pics of what some fabulous people have been up to with our Trimmings outside of competition time, see you then xxx


  1. Yes you might have to stand on your head for a few days... All of your beautiful picks are walking out the door! gorgeous colours ... and did you see my WM quote on FB

    "We should have nothing in our houses which we did not either know to be useful or believe to be beautiful"
    William Morris was a wise man .. and ahead of his time (1870)

    love the calendar and dancer photo! sweet excitement & fear all wrapped up in one little bundle.

  2. William Morris was amazing - you have the best collection of his work there in Adelaide, lucky ducks! Love the chair - gorgeous!

  3. Your calendar appointments sound exciting Amy, I hope it is all going well.

  4. Thank you Julie waiting begins again :)

    Yardage Girl helloo- I know we are a bit spoilt for William Morris down here!

    and Nest yes that quote sums its up beautifully; my Mum used to have this quote up on the wall at home along with a sign that said 'only boring women have immaculate houses'!!!