Thursday, April 7, 2011

last Trimmings Competition winner Lisa Stubbs!

I cannot believe it has actually been two years since out last Trimmings Competition and how much time flies!
The last winner in 2009 was the AMAZING Lisa Stubbs from Yorkshire, England who created a whole suite of beautiful fabric collages using the teensiest- tiniest little bits and pieces of our fabric.

Have a look at her gorgeous work for Umbrella Print's Trimmings Competition 2009 can you spy our fabrics within?:

 We bought this one from Lisa it is so gorgeous.

We had many gorgeous entries in 2009, from little patchworked giraffe to pin cushions and fabric coasters, carefully collaged trees and many many more wonderful contributions.

We chose Lisa as the winner for the natural way she interpreted our fabrics into her own visual language; the way she had so carefully considered the tiny shapes and made use of the smallest pieces.  She made the fabrics hers and that's what its ALL about.

We soon found out that Lisa is also a talented printmaker and illustrator and have since stocked her work at Nest Studio.  Thank you Lisa!
PS there is a great interview with Lisa Stubbs here on Artonomy about being an artist and selling online.

Amazingly after making all of the above I think I remember Lisa saying she still had little bits left of her Trimmings Pack!


  1. Lisa's work is amazing - I own a couple of her amazing pieces too. Can't wait to see the entries this year!

  2. what lovely little illustrations...and a wonderful tribute to your fabrics!

    thank you for the constant inspiration! Both yours and Lisa's work is absolutely beautiful :)

  3. I remember being completely blown away... and then so excited to discover her prints! love seeing this again... so glad we have Hum in the studio.

  4. Ah thank you for your kind words, your beautiful fabrics are a pleasure to work with and I'm still using pieces in my work now! a constant inspiration! thank you:)

  5. Gorgeous work of Lisa!
    Thanx for showing.

  6. Lovely choice, Lisa's work is wonderful.