Wednesday, June 15, 2011

get your quilt on

Hop Skip Jump is a favourite amongst so many people and it's no surprise...Fiona's meticulous attention to detail-check; lovely eye for gorgeous fabric combinations-check; amazing unique quality children's toys- check; and a sweet down to earth lovely lady and friend-check.

Here is what Fiona has been up to with Umbrella Prints fabric lately. If you have extra beady eyes you may have noticed the odd piece of our fabric in the ears and outfits of her amazing toys over the years-  I haven't been fast enough to snaffle one up for myself yet before someone else but one day...

Continuing on with the quilty theme here is a cute piece by One Flew Over in a fresh mix of lemon and green fabrics with a dash of Umbrella Prints's Olive Elephants, Love List in Royal Beige and Clouds in Starfruit. Yum here!

And Carly has been busy too making the below beautiful quilt for her couch in blacks and blues, mustards, greys, denim with tiny grabs of pink and rich yellow. 
Featuring Umbrella Prints's organic fabrics, Liberty, vintage, Denise Schmidt and Amy Butler!


  1. Awww, thanks Amy! You are so kind. xx

    I, too am loving Carly's quilt and One Flew Over's pot holders - gorgeous.

  2. Love your blog!
    Love your prints!
    Just followed you!