Thursday, July 14, 2011

Studio Friday

Amy and I have been playing in the studio today ... printing up pretty little flowers and leaves on paper .. and not just for fun but because we are designing our new collection of quilters weight fabric... what do you think? Here at Umbrella Prints HQ we like to start our creative process with sketches and real time artworks before we hit the macs.
I could have sat there all day carving from EzyCarve ... it is so much easier than lino but it does have a slightly different feel to it... and block prints certainly work better from lino and wood when it comes to printing on fabric..

Here is a gorgeous stamp making tutorial
Here are some divine wood block prints


  1. Such great shapes and colours too... Love it! I want to play with stamps now too!! :)

  2. gosh these are just so naturally free and super! Talented gals.