Friday, September 2, 2011

Available Now :: Patchwork II

Patchwork II by Umbrella Prints

So far we have managed to share 9 out of 36 new patterns (in 6 colours.. that's 216 options people!!!) that feature with in our PATCHWORK II fabricAmy and I tried to choose a few designs to sew up two cushions today but the options were endless i tell you ..ENDLESS! a great way to spend the afternoon.

In the end we chose the Bakelite Blue for a cheaters quilted cushion .. the great thing being it can be whipped up in 15 minutes! and then we picked our fave Shimmy Rock Dots in their two sizes and 5 colours to make a real patchwork cushion. So much fun.

The other fabulous thing is that we now need to choose a couple designs to make into full meterage... I am voting for Clover in Static.. but maybe Shimmy Rock Dots or Big Clouds? What do you think?

It will most likely take us the rest of the year to share all 36 designs .. The new colours are Bakelite Blue, Terracotta and Lady Grey & the other three colours are Smokey Black, Momo & Flamingo.

You can buy full metres here (with free shipping)
You can buy half metres here


  1. Wow you guys have been busy!!! Loving the new fabric designs and the colours are gorgeous!!! :)

  2. Big clouds, definitely! the fluro red clouds are fantastic.