Wednesday, November 30, 2011

sew and tell us!!!

Silly Duffa's red dress made with Raindrops (Oasis sewing fabric/by Umbrella Prints)

Toni Coward's Bloom tunic and shorts in Umbrella Prints Oasis sewing fabrics

pretty dress by Curly Pops

As Carly and I prepare to launch Umbrella Prints 2nd quilters cotton range RockGarden into shops world-wide and online we find more of what talented people have been sewing with our first range Oasis.....but most of you are pretty shy about emailing us to show off and we end up googling ourselves to find out what you have been creating!

Don't be shy! We love to see what you make or sew from all of our fabrics :-)
email us at

Our Oasis range is available online here and here.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Australian Quilt Market

We have so many wonderful new things to share that I just don't know where to begin! We of course had a very special delivery at Umbrella Prints HQ a couple of weeks ago ... but that deserves it's very own post so I will share those adorable photos soon...

for now ... I will quickly mention that Umbrella Prints is going to be at the Australian Quilt Market this weekend! our very first trade show... I am super excited because we have our new quilters cotton collection RockGarden to share. Please do pop over and say hi if you are going to be there, I would love to catch up...

Next week I will get the Umbrella Prints blog back on track .. sharing photos of the lovely things customers have been making ... more cute photos of Umbrella Prints fabrics being used in book projects (hello Fiona!) AND two of the sweetest little babies ever to sleep under an Umbrella Prints quilt.
xx see you soon