Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Made by Joel with Trimmings

We are huge fans of Joel's enthusiasm for getting creative with children at home.

About three years ago Joel bought a packet of Trimmings from us .. and we actually remember making the packet because we noticed a boy was buying Trimmings... the first boy.. we wondered what he was going to make... Amy even recalls giving her 'Lady' print a little kiss goodbye as it was the last little trimming left from her solo LADY exhibition in the SALA Festival 2009.

Some time later Joel emailed us to show us his awesome little creations.. he had cleverly used the tiniest morsels to decorate a dolls house interior... we thought he was super!
Now years on from that project Joel has his very own awesome book AND he was on the Martha Stewart show sharing his doll house project.... and look! Amy's Lady print has resurfaced on the wall of this very chic interior... I wish my house looked like that!

Here are some more pics of our fabric featuring in Joel's book Made to Play and also my other fave project the Wooden Nature Scene

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  1. WOW how cool is that!! Congratultions... your fabric so so excellent!! I love his work, it so much fun for kids and adults too :)