Monday, April 2, 2012

Introducing Our Judges- Ebony Bizys of Hello Sandwich

I thought I would share some super cute pics of Ebony Bizys of the sweet blog Hello Sandwich.. One of our Special Guest Judges for the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition.

She has the sweetest teensy apartment in Tokyo where she shares so much of her creativity .... on her blog, at crafty workshops and she also has a few zines you can buy in her shop, you would have also seen her design skills in Vogue Living, interview on The Design Files and a cute feature more recently of her apartment in Frankie.
I have to tell you... I am a secret admirer of Ebony's work... and let out a little squeal when she said would be happy to help with the judging... I have been living my Tokyo dreams vicariously through her blog for what feels like years ... Lot's of Hello Sandwiches work is collage based but I think it translates perfectly to little trimmings of fabric..yes? let the inspiration begin..

All images from Hello Sandwich

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