Friday, May 4, 2012

by Kate

Carly & I meet many talented people in our travels producing fabric and Kate Conklin is one friend who always makes the most beautiful quilts interpreting the colours and fabrics she chooses in new ways- yes Kate is a thoughtful quilter and a lovely person too. Unfortunately being short of time means I sometimes only get to wave from a distance and shout out "hi!" across the school yard as our children go to the same school; so her blog comes in very handy for catching up on what's being made and what loveliness is happening her way.

This is a quilt Kate made recently with fabric from our Rock Garden range using her stack and slash tutorial. The white next to the natural linen fabric and the strips of our coloured patterned fabric are mixed equally across the stripes- calm and inviting. I can imagine it with white enamel garden furniture; on a leather couch or beautiful in a child's bedroom- i love it.


  1. Thanks so much Amy! I'm just in the middle of hand quilting this one on the linen, and I'm really enjoying gazing at your gorgeous prints!

  2. By the way, we must catch up soon!!

  3. yes we must catch up Kate! xxx