Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hop Skip Jump

I have to say ... I feel a little bit embarrassed showing off this gorgeous book in July 2012... Shame on me! My beautiful friend Fiona created this book and it has been available for months and months .. this copy I bought at her delicious launch party (it's true the nibbles were scrumptious).... and it sits prettily on my desk... eyeballing me everyday saying "SHOW ME  OFF I AM GORGEOUS!".

I was having a flip through Fiona's book this morning and realised it actually has a trimming of our new Hearts fabric in Persimmon!? how did I miss this before... I swear every time  I look in Fiona's book I see new treats.

LOOK! I even spy some Perfect Circles in Louis' ears.. how could I have missed that? And here is another too cute pic of a Basil wearing a Cherry Blossom Hearts scarf..

Hop Skip Jump (the book) is page after page of THE cutest toys you will ever see in a craft book + Fiona shares so many of her trade secrets... and of course I love how the book has an eco repurpose your fabric approach... that's right up our ally.

You will have to go grab a copy to see all of the other cuties .. my personal faves are Monkey Man, Kangaroo & Joey & Arnold.

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  1. Aww, thank you, miss! Cannae go wrong with that beautiful fabric. xx