Thursday, December 20, 2012

NEW Works

BlockPrint 1 (Electric Teal + Marigold)

NEW Artworks by UmbrellaPrints 

BlockPrint 2 (Cherry Blossom + Bright Yellow)

When people think of Umbrella Prints they think beautiful pattern and colour. We wanted to saturate the canvas with blocks of colour and this is what we made.

These are the very first two available in a series. Each artwork is signed, hand mixed in our signature colours and hand printed with gorgeous texture in our Stepney studio by Umbrella Prints and they are one of one (original).

Water based Ink on 100% Organic HempCotton
1400 x 850mm


  1. The cherry blossom and bright yellow is simply stunning.

    1. HI Julie! Nice to hear from you again x Thank you; we have been enjoying these very much....lots more pics coming sometime soon we just want to work til we are perfectly happy with them...

  2. very Rothko ;)


  3. How much are the panels? US$?