Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tips on taking your Trimmings packet photo

Don't let a dull photo of your Umbrella Prints Trimmings packet spoil all of your hard work and creativity... follow a few of our tips for clear and bright Trimmings photos.

1. Get near some natural light, but not so bright that it casts deep shadows. Use a milky clear plastic tub or its lid to filter out the bright light ... an overcast day is like a giant difuser.

2. Use a simple background setting like white paper, a table, tiles or concrete...

3. Lay out all of your pieces like a mini quilt, pop your Umbrella Prints Trimmings paper label on top so we can see all the pretty fabrics you discovered. The packet in this photo is a Mixed pack by the way.

4. Don't use a flash!

5. Get in nice and close.

6. Take a few photos .. like 5 -10 so that you can pick one that came out nice and clear... the sun can pop out just at the right moment in one photo.

7. Crop your photo in just a smidge if you need to. Crop off the pair of sneakers in the background you didn't notice whilst taking the shot.

We hope this helps.. good Luck!

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