Thursday, May 30, 2013

Liane Rossler

photo Adam Knott - courtesy of The Australian

We are so inspired by the work and philosophy of Australian designer/ curator/ environmental advocate Liane Rossler. We met Liane a few moons ago in our studio in Adelaide and are now proud to have her as a judge in Umbrella Prints' Trimmings Competition 2013.

Many will know of Liane's work as co-founder of internationally acclaimed Dinosaur Designs  and in the last few years Liane has broadened into some really exciting and innovative environmental art & craft based work and exhibitions that has us all a bit excited.

photo Ian McPherson – courtesy LMNOP via Design Files

Check out supercyclers Liane and Sarah K's journey transforming waste materials into beautiful and useful new objects & an ever-changing platform profiling artists and designers driving new experimental work based on sustainability.

Go to Liane's curated series of artist driven projects Here and Now on at Sydney's Carriageworks this year.

Thinking about, being open, creative and more conscious as an artist/designer and indeed thinking about, being open, creative and more conscious as a consumer is Liane's drive which is evident in her own works as well as in the discussions and exhibitions she inspires.

We asked Liane to be one of our special guest judges because the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition is essentially a challenge- to make something from what would ordinarily be wasted.   Seeing value and potential in the remnants, offcuts, end of rolls of our fabrics is a metaphor for an approach that could encourage a more sustainable way of living  .. and we thought Liane to be the right contemporary DIY kinda gal for the task.

Plastic Fantastic vessels by Supercyclers; Sarah K and Liane Rossler

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