Friday, November 15, 2013

Which one to choose ...

One thing we have noticed our customers love to do when they visit us in the studio is pick through our fabric remnants to create their very own Remnants pack... it is a real privilege to be a part of this  special process - projects that are being dreamed up, like baby quilts for baby on the way.

We thought it would be sweet if we could think of a way to bring a little bit of that studio experience to you, maybe you're a tad too far away to pop in... some of our orders over the past couple of weeks alone have been sent off to Germany, Spain, California, Utah, Florida, Texas and of course plenty in Victoria, New South Wales & Western Australia... if only we could squeeze into those parcels!

So we have lovingly hand picked 24 unique combinations of Remnants and spent a sunny afternoon photographing each of them for you. There is enough fabric in your Remnant pack to patch together a 50cm X 50cm piece or of course mix them up into any project you dream of.

Now the problem will be picking the one you love the best!

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