Thursday, February 13, 2014

Alphabet Family Journal

There is something exciting happening.

The inspiring photographer & designer Luisa Brimble, from Sydney, is working on publishing a new magazine with a wholesome character.

The Alphabet Family Journal is coming from a place we relate to in its family approach and we are really excited to see how 25 photographers from 3 continents + 22 writers and 3 artists talk about and photograph there own families and lives. Clearly a lot of talent has been working on this project, taking three years to pull together volume 'A'. A standing for Aesthetic, Art, Analog & Ancestry, taking us to physical places like the Apple Isle and places from within, Acceptance.

Umbrella Prints have been asked (which is fantastic!) to design and print a collection of cards for the launch of the Alphabet Family Journal Kickstarter campaign.

In an industry that is swamped with styled up slick commercial imagery this is going to be the breath of fresh air we have all been waiting for.

Please support this Kickstarter project.
Thanks Luisa xxx

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