Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's almost voting time!

Are you entering the 2014 Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition...
We probably don't need to remind you that there is only about 48 hours left to finish up, find some sunshine for a nice bright close up photo and upload it to the interwebs (don't forget to tell us though!! email link >>>> over there to the right) AND if you have linked to Flickr at all please remember to unlock the photos so that poor Amy here can pin it to the competition board. 

I am not going to lie ... it's pretty stressful trying to pin all those pictures all at once when some of them are not made accessible via pinterest. Please please test out your photo's to see they can be pinned.

Ok enough of the heavy. We are super lucky here at Umbrella Prints headquarters because we get to have a sneaky peak at all the entrants as they are flooding the inbox.

Voting starts this Friday afternoon eeeep! exciting times folks ... the People's Choice winner will be receiving $200 worth of our fabric so make sure you comment and pin their work if you love what they have made (one comment per person please). We will also be announcing the Industry Judges Prize next week - $500 cash folks, yep you heard me right 500 big ones.... not sure what I am talking about ... find out more here.

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