Thursday, May 29, 2014

Luisa Brimble - Industry Judge

Photo of Luisa courtesy of: Annette Wilson // Read this recent interview of Luisa here at the beautiful wholehearted journal

Umbrella Prints is very proud to introduce our fourth and final Industry Judge - Luisa Brimble.
Luisa would have to be the sweetest girl in the land of stylists and photographers, no really. Luisa is as beautiful as her stunning photographs - always supportive and lending a kind word.

Luisa is one of the most prolific artists we know, taking a stroll through Luisa's blog you get a sense that you are truly in the presence of an amazing artist - prolific, magical, capturing those hidden moments of warmth, humanity and beauty.

All photos courtesy of Luisa Brimble
Not only is Luisa the most talented Sydney-based food & lifestyle photographer but she is also the founder of Alphabet Family Journal - I know ridiculous right!

Alphabet is a brand new magazine for the people who make a home together and believe that families are the sum of their everyday triumphs and trials, that the home is a lived space and not a showroom. Something we here at Umbrella Prints strive for everyday so of course we fell in love with her project the minute she shared it with us and have pre-ordered our copy already.

All photos courtesy of Luisa Brimble

All photos courtesy of Luisa Brimble

We first met Luisa recently when both of these gorgeous floral photographs caught our eye. We felt an instant connection with Luisa and thought this amazing person understands pattern and emotion, we need to find out more! Fast forward six months and Umbrella Prints were very fortunate to be asked to contribute the the flagship issue A of Alphabet Family Journal. When Luisa asked us to design postcard gifts for all of her supporters we were absolutely thrilled and started piecing together designs and colours immediately.

Make sure you grab a copy before they are all snapped up.

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