Sunday, March 15, 2015

Revealing our Trimmings Quilt judge for 2015

(Photo credit Josh Goleman)

The gorgeously adorable Maura Grace Ambrose of Folk Fibers

If you don't know and swoon over this talented girl's quilts already, then you will in about two seconds, you will fall in love with her naturally dyed textiles, hand quilted designs and the Texan sun.

(All photo credits: Folk Fibers)

Maura has a wonderfully eclectic background from which she has created the world that is Folk Fibers, working in preschools, organic farms, traveling America as well as study in Textile Design + Fiber Arts at Savannah College of Art & Design. She recently lectured at Quiltcon 2015 and was the worthy recipient of the 2013 Martha Stewart Award.

We love Maura's passion and dedication to her craft, you can see here, here & here on her blog, sharing the fascinating dye process with her meticulous record keeping. Maura organically grows, harvests, and forages for natural dyes around Austin then uses 100% natural fibers to create gorgeous solid colours (she loves them for their timeless appeal & so do we).  How rewarding it must feel to create an artwork from literally the ground up.

All of Maura's quilts are hand stitched, and whilst knowing this does take more time she believes the heirloom results are valuable and worth it - a one of a kind beauty that can be passed down for generations.

A few years ago and again recently we have been trying our hands at using natural dye stuffs, like Australian Indigo, to create new backing cloths for our prints and can appreciate the time and commitment it takes to gather, simmer and steep. We are looking forward to learning everything we can about these processes and are grateful that Maura is so generous with her experience.

We saw this photo doing the rounds on Pinterest some time ago and love Maura's hand stitching with sashiko thread.

We love staring into this stunning quilt, imagine, all of those colours have been created naturally!

We also love Maura's hand made cedar boxes that carry her quilts. Cute logo.

(Photo credit Buff Strickland)

(Photo credit Josh Goleman)

Take a wander through Maura's blog and instagram pics and we'll see you on the other side of the Trimmings Challenge with Maura's favourite quilt! Thank you Maura.

Tell all your quilty friends, let's charm her cotton socks off.