Monday, February 29, 2016

2016 Umbrella Prints Trimmings Challenge #umbrellaprintstrimmingschallenge

WELCOME TO THE 2016 Umbrella Prints Trimmings Challenge.  
We are so excited to be here again this 7th year running & super encouraged by your enthusiasm!

This is a unique challenge where you have the opportunity to create & share something different and wonderful from the little pieces of our printed fabric we call Trimmings. We are looking for work by designers, artists, quilters, makers, tinkers, film makers, animators, children, professionals, thinkers and you!

This year we again have the absolute pleasure of having the input of two judges who will lend their insight & creative eye to help choose our winners;

thank you to Amanda Blake Soule of SouleMama & Ellie Beck of Petalplum :)

What can you make/do with Umbrella Prints' Trimmings? 

It's really simple
1. Buy your Umbrella Prints Trimmings from our online shop

2. Make anything you like, surprise us! AND we have a quilters/patchwork category

3. Take a clear, simple & beautiful photo of what you make/do with your Umbrella Prints Trimmings. One packet per entry.

4.  Post your photo to the internet somewhere- Instagram (#umbrellaprintstrimmingschallenge), Pinterest, Blog, Flickr or your own website and share your story linking to Umbrella Prints.

5. Most importantly, email by May 31 with a link to where you have shared your photo online so that we can find you!

We will pin your photo to the 2016 Umbrella Prints Trimmings Challenge  board on Pinterest on June 2. Come check out what everyone has made. 

FAQ's are all here, we think...

We have two major prizes this year, both will be chosen based on skill & creativity.

Makers' Prize
For the most innovative, beautiful, creative and well presented entry, $300 worth of Umbrella Prints your choice, includes fabrics, jewellery, new artworks & more.

Patchwork/Quilters' Prize
To celebrate the skills of the quilting community we have $300 worth of Umbrella Prints organic fabric or product to give for the most outstanding quilt, chosen by Soulemama and Petalplum.

and we have ... 
5 Golden Tickets
How fun will it be to find a Golden ticket in your Trimmings packet! We will be slipping shining golden tickets into 5 lucky packets. Ticket holders receive an Umbrella Prints prize valued at $50.

+ Audience PrizeIn order to encourage the love and sharing of all your hard work we will randomly gift a lucky person who comments & repins* with $100 worth of Umbrella Prints fabric.

*Entries are posted to this Pinterest board on June 2 - repin & comment on all your favourite Trimmings creations to be in the running to win this prize.

Challenge Starts March 1 Buy your Trimmings packet here
Create your entry March 1 - May 31
Entries Close May 31
Viewing June 2 - 6 Comment and repin!
Winners Announced June 7

FAQ's here


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