Monday, September 15, 2008

Set Free

Everyone gets to see all of the hard work by a big group of artists/designers for Kirsty Campion's exhibition Mixed Nuts held for just one night a while ago but now open to the public and onto cyberspace. The variety of interpretations is amazing and all really cute efforts. Apparently this exhibition was not accepted by publishers...... yet has had over 1000 hits in just one night! Go people power x

Carly and I worked together on two Umbrella Birds (I call them Brolly Birds); based on the nut shape each exhibitor was given, we thought it'd be fun to bend it into a new shape. The bird's feathers are made of our hand screen printed fabric (Umbrella Prints) in never-seen-before colours. Each bird has a hand embroidered face and is a one off and never to be repeated.

Carly's Umbrella Bird (left) is still for sale so if you would like to own an original by the creator of Moopy be quick go here (about half way down).


  1. Very gorgeous. Love the dingle dangle legs. 1000 hits in one night - wow!

  2. Hi Amy any news on carly and babe... i'm in melb till october and excited to hear if there is a new bundle. Lyndal

  3. Hi Lyndal! um....all I can say is keep your eyes peeled to Moopy & me....
    Hoping your bundle and you are doing well x
    PS thanks Julie!