Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I got a pressie this week from an amazing lady and it has proud place in my daughter's room as of tonight- who said "I luuuv it!". I adore this print as I have so many of Nicola's over the years she has been designing- Kagoshima Tree 2008, Wave 2005, Wattle 2003 all quintessentially Australian, stunning and inspirational.


  1. Good morning, what a beautiful print! I luuuurve it also!
    I live in Brissie and am having a hard time finding information on how to get into fabric design -- do you have any tips

  2. I am a big fan of Nicola's. I love her botanicals and and find her lovely sense of nature inspiring. A beautiful print and a beautiful place to place it.x

  3. i can see why g luvvvs it. I could see it in my room too. It is beautiful. Its intrigued me to look at more of her work

  4. Hi Chrissy! There are many ways to approach fabric design so it really depends on why you want to and what you would like to use your fabric for.

    You can go the whole hog and study.

    You can approach groups like Spoonflower or Ink & Spindle (soon? not sure?) who can help you with repeats and print fabric for you.

    Or there are many a great book on the market about designing. I learnt (and still learning) through actually painting up designs physically (not via computer). There are a number of computer programmes which you can teach yourself and which will help you manage repeats.

    My advice is if you are just starting out start small- you dont need a big professional table or many of the things people say you need. A print gocco is a nice way to start small. Have a really good look at different designs and find the repeat; familiarise yourself with all sorts of types of patterns and how they fit together.
    I have been happy with a number of patterns printed from carved lino and printed by hand.
    Gosh, hope that helps x

  5. Wow, Thank You for the tips! I'd never even heard of a gocco printer, and it looks cool! Thanking you again for sharing your expertise - it is hugely helpful! xx