Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fights and Hugs

Carly and I had a proper tiff which was a first, and a bit scary and alarming for both of us! After about two years of agreeing with each other and both being rather passionate people its bound to happen. It is so unexpected to all of a sudden to have a totally different opinion from one another based on different perspectives. But I think we were very adult and good at listening to each other and worked it out no Jerry Springer slapping or anything- and all better now :-) :-) yey we are so amazingly like adult

picture by Suzana Casasnovas


  1. This post gave me a wide smile. How bland friendships and partnerships would be if each side were always in agreement with the other. Hooray for stimulating debates, differing points of view and mature friendships:)

  2. Phew Julie! I thought the initial silence was a collective blog shudder/cringe at me writing about it!

  3. fantastic post.

    cute pic ; )


  4. good on you amy!!!
    its great that you can be open about a disagreement, you and Carly must be really awesome friends//work partners!!!
    ps. what was the tiff over? :)