Friday, October 31, 2008

In print, print, print

A big thankyou to Sarah Daly (writer) and Nick Clayton (photographer) who were a lot of fun to work with for a recent article about Umbrella Prints. I now have 6 copies of last weekend's Home- Sunday Mail thanks to members of my family feeling proud...thankyou.....enough a tree! My Dad said the article was that big he didn't see it (he was looking for something much smaller-thanks Dad!)! It was very nice to receive some attention from local media and the photos were really clear and pretty- also quite a lot of people visiting Queen Street for the first time today which was a highlight :-)


  1. Congrats on the mag spread...that should stimulate some spurt of new activity!!!Loved reading all the new posts. I also oscillate between neutrals and colour. I think it is a conflict between strong Aussie lifestyle and sensibilities and influences from elsewhere. My Grandma had a great sense of colour (she was a Russian refugee to Oz) and she always said look at nature...every colour combination is there all belonging together. I dream of beautiful white, fresh walls and shifting colour palette juxtaposed. I come back to earth when the the walls turn black with mould in the humidity of our annual Wet season!!! But it's fun mixing neutrals in paint.

  2. Wow! Beautiful picture - the room looks so bright and opulent - gorgeous!

  3. congratulations amy!!
    the photos look great!
    i would love to see the mag in real life!
    you are such an inspiring artist!
    x x x x x x
    <3 holly