Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Charm your boots off!

Jenna sent us a memo to say she had featured one of our Elephant charms (#9) in a compilation over at her gorgeously named blog glitterandrhinestones. I must say she has indeed put in a lot of effort and it looks very nice and makes me want to go put my charm bracelet on just for the jangly gratification.

PS a few people have contacted us via etsy asking about buying our charms in AUD the best thing is to email me


  1. i love number five ... i should wear that to work!

  2. Yeah! I should have worn that Monday at work when a lady was buying something, looking at me but talking really loudly into her headset to someone about her house rennovations.
    You are a pony trainer! That'd be funny!

  3. amy!
    i loved your charm bracelet!
    i think i only saw it once, and maybe it wasn't even yours, but it was AMAZING... did it really exist or is that one of my little kid fake memories?
    x x x x x x <3

  4. it did exist! pretty chunky!
    I still would like to collect an acorn (G-mother), an umbrella and a rhino (Stef). xoxoxox